Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upon further reflection....

To be fair...this situation is exactly why men say women are so complicated.  I told my male friend to stop talking to me so much for two reasons...only one of which I gave him.  As I said before one reason was because I felt it was unfair to the other girl for us to be communicating and seeing each other so much.  The other reason is what makes it so complicated.  I know I told him to stop talking so much and even ignored him to help him to understand....but now I "unfriended" him because he didn't check on me after Kato died.  I can imagine how confusing it was to him...he tried to reach out and be there...but he was seeing his girlfriend...I was not going to mess with I told him I didn't want him to call me when he got there.  When he asked what happened, I was at a state that I couldn't text it and he was told I didn't want to talk about it right then.  He was giving me what I wanted in terms of space...but (here is where the confusion for him comes in) I still wanted him to check and make sure I was ok.  I wanted him to text or email when he got back "how are you doing?".  I wanted to know that my friend cared.  He is not a mind reader....but how do I communicate that?  This is what it is like being a girl.  I just needed some form of support...but the kind he was giving... I cut him off.  I wish I could explain it better...but this is how I matter how unfair or confusing to him.  I don't know how or if it can be fixed.

But the other part of this is my biggest issue (with me and not him).  I fell in love with him.  He does not know could he?  The one and only other time this happened to heart was desiccated.  When I realized how I felt, it scared me to my core.  I had no idea how to navigate our friendship.  I pushed back and put up a wall.  So when he started dating someone else, I was devastated.  I tried to remain friends with him...but it was more and more difficult.  I couldn't do it.  I was happy for him and sad for me at the same time.  I know that men and women cannot be friends...but I tried to make it work.  So that's why when he didn't check on me I was so hurt.  I was unfairly expecting more...but I am not what he wants--he has told me so many times directly and indirectly.  I had to save my heart because it would never recover.  I miss his friendship deeply, but in time it will heal.

I am trying to figure out how to navigate the issue with my female friend.  We have been friends for over 20 years.  I am so hurt that she is not trying to communicate with me and ignoring my texts.  Maybe this is why it happened.  For me to review my friendships.

Friday, March 30, 2012

When did my life start fitting a country song?

I am disappointed, dismayed, disturbed... (and apparently addicted to alliteration--LOL!!)  

I never thought my life would mimic a country song...but alas it has....  I have had two friends whom I would have at one time considered two of my closest and dearest friends, but over the last three years for one and one year for the other have been wondering why we are friends.  I know both of them have selfish tendencies and can at times be self-absorbed (can't we all?); but I knew that about them and accepted them as they were for I know I have things about me that are annoying...this is friendship.  But when you realize that you are carrying the brunt of the friendship and if you stopped communication they wouldn't notice for a while...or even re-start it themselves, you start to question things.  With both of them, I have felt greatly taken advantage of recently.

So what has made this a country song kind of life?  My dog died.  I have been devastated, heart broken and an all out mess.  My dog was nearly a part of me....we were rarely apart.  He was my constant companion.

So what happened?  The female friend has barely spoken to me.  I know she knows she shares some of the blame in what happened to Kato.  But for two days I didn't receive so much as a text.  I reached a time like this I needed my friends and family desperately...but I have started every text conversation over the past few days (but one)...she has made almost no effort.  She doesn't even ask how I am doing until I ask her first.  The only text she sent was that she was worried that we wouldn't be friends anymore and how that would kill her if that happened.  Really?  I'm barely functioning and you are worried if we are still friends because of HOW IT WILL EFFECT YOU???  Really?  How about me?  I'm the one who is dealing with the death of my companion...the one who had to be alone with his body for 30 minutes until my uncle could come and help.  (my parents were out of town).  How about ASKING HOW THE FUCK AM I DOING??!?!?

The male friend, I had been pulling away from because I felt I was getting in the way of the relationship with his girlfriend.  But I thought we were still friends.  I used to tell him my thoughts, I didn't think people turned caring off.  I reached out when I was alone with my dog, waiting....  He got back to me and wanted to know what happened....not how are you doing or anything.  Admittedly, he has a penis so really getting it is probably out....  He was also going to see his girlfriend.  He nicely offered to call when he got to her house...No...I will not get into the middle of your weekend.  But stupidly, I expected him to show some care when he got back into town.  Did I receive a text?  an e-mail?  a visit?  Asking me how I was doing? Nope. Nothing. Nada.  Some friend....I know you had the best weekend of your life...but 30 seconds of care, of time for a friend in the time of need?  Apparently that's too much to ask.  Whatever.

I struggle with why I keep people like this around me.  I am coming to a point in my life that I have to cut who is bringing me down, not supporting me, etc...  I am too old to give 19th chances.  I have to do what is best for me...not matter how much it hurts.  Ending the friendship with the male friend was fairly uncomplicated since we are not speaking to each other....but not easy.  The female friend will not be so easy either.  We have 20 years of friendship where we have had bumps in the road...but a time like this...where it really matters...when you really need someone to care because you feel like you are falling apart....  it's like that a time like find out who your friends are...

Run your car off the side of the road
Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere Or get yourself in a bind lose the shirt off your back Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare

This is where the rubber meets the road This is where the cream is gonna rise This is what you really didn't know This is where the truth don't lie

You find out who your friends are Somebody's gonna drop everything Run out and crank up their car Hit the gas, get there fast Never stop to think 'what's in it for me?' or 'it's way too far'

They just show on up with their big old heart You find out who your friends are
Everybody wants to slap your back wants to shake your hand when you're up on top of that mountain

But let one of those rocks give way then you slide back down look up and see who's around then
This ain't where the road comes to an end This ain't where the bandwagon stops This is just one of those times when A lot of folks jump off

When the water's high When the weather's not so fair When the well runs dry Who's gonna be there?

You find out who your friends are (yeah, yeah) You find out who your friends are
Run your car off the side of the road Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere (Well man, I've been there) Or get yourself in a bind lose the shirt off your back Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare

(Man, I've been there)
Man, I've been there Oooh yeah.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You see....Harry was right after all...

I know that I deluded myself in my youth that men and women can be friends with no issues.  I am not sure how that fact and it's relation to the the single most traumatic event in my dating career was partially forgotten for a while.  I know, this is what deluding yourself means...but still!  I thought I was smarter than that!

Once upon a time I was told they were "just friends" and since I was falsely secure in the relationship, I felt I had nothing to worry about.  But Sarah Adair changed all of that.  Recently, I found myself in the "Sarah" position and I couldn't stand it.  How could I be friends when all the time I was worrying if it would hurt the girlfriend?  I know it is not my job to worry about is his... but having experienced the pain from the other end of it...I wanted to make sure she wasn't inadvertently hurt by anything I said or did.  No one deserves this.  As the unease grew, so did my realization that Harry was and women cannot truly be just friends...someone always gets hurt in the end.  This time, like the last time, it was me.  But at least I feel more at peace because I know it was the right thing to do!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hypocrisy leaves me tied in knots...

It is very difficult for me to ask for help, for a few reasons.  One, I was brought up in an environment where weakness was frowned upon.  Two, more often than not, when I ask for help I do not receive it or receive it begrudgingly.

I am an independent woman.  Not necessarily because I want to be, but because I have to be.  For more than 13 years I lived alone and not near family.  I counted on friends when I could, but most of the time it was only me that I could rely on.  Because of this, sometimes it doesn't occur to me to ask for help because I have been doing it myself for so long.  But, I do know my limitations--I ask for help when I cannot do it myself or alone.  

This leads me to my current frustration.  I am a person who needs a comfortable nest to relax in and feel peaceful at home.  This means that I need everything to be organized and in their place, among other things.  I recently moved in with a roommate for the first time in over 15 years, so this is doubly important that I find comfort at home.  Today, I tripped on boxes and while sitting on the floor I had to push back tears of frustration because I asked not one, not two, but three male humans to help me and nearly 8 weeks later I have still not received help. 

I have been told I am too independent and prickly (i.e., not soft and vulnerable) quite often by my father (the first person whom I asked).  So I ask him for help, because I truly need it.  But, if I keep asking, I am a naggy bitch.  So, I wait for a few weeks because I know he is busy.  But, because I am feeling anxious because things are not put away, I ask a friend.  He gives an excuse, but offers no other alternative time or method.  To me this means he does not want to help me.  If I push this issue, I am a psycho bitch.  Finally, earlier this week, I asked an acquaintance to help me.  He couldn't because his girlfriend does not like me.  (I could write a whole other blog on my thoughts on that).  I can't push that issue because then I am feminist bitch or a scheming bitch depending on your take....

So I am stuck.  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.  For years I have been told I am not feminine enough for reasons, like I don't ask for help and often turn down offers of it.  But, when I need help and ask for it...I don't get it.  So why would I ask for help?  Here is the hypocrisy....all these men make judgement on me because I am not the feminine ideal...but when I behave in that manner, they are not there to rescue me and be the strong, helpful man I need them to really...why bother?

I guess I have to figure this out on my usual....


Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have always loved the song Narccisick by the is a fantastic representation of the negative side of narcissism...(at least I always viewed narcissism as about "how awesome I am")

which I never would have categorized myself....but really I am a narcissist.....

I tend to think the bad, annoying, frustrating or other negative behaviors elicited by others are because of me.  I.e., "they are avoiding me, ignoring me, mad at me...."  while on the flipside when nice, wonderful things happen...I tend to downplay it.  "They would do that for's not a special thing...."   

so what does this mean?  Basically, I have become self-absorbed in my quest to change the negative to a positive.....and really I haven't come as far as I thought.... it seems my new found 2.0ness may be a bit superficial....

Friday, September 30, 2011

a time for reflection...the pot is much blacker than the kettle

Sadly, I am reminded of a Michael Jackson song.....Man in the Mirror.  I do like this song for it's message...but I always thought I was above being petty and judgmental.  After this interesting week of reflection, I realized that I am a hypocrite.

Recently, we have had a run on the 5 Love Languages book at the store.  I admit that I have a copy somewhere from a church bible study years ago...but I barely skimmed it.  I felt the book was geared toward married couples...and I wasn't in a how would that be relevant?  I actually think I skipped a class on it because I was sick of hearing how this helped their marriage...blah, blah, blah.  It was difficult enough being the only single person in the bible study to begin with.  Well, I accidentally pulled the Singles Version off the shelf for a customer.  I didn't even know they made one....after a year and a half of organizing and straightening, I had never really looked at this book on my shelf.

So, I decided to give it a try....I took a deep breath, set aside my preconceptions and read it.  I liked that the book focused on all sorts of relationships from family to friends to coworkers.  I realize that it is basically the same information in the other book, just packaged differently....but I guess that is what I needed.

It makes total sense to me why I just needed to hear certain things.  It makes total sense now why I had frustrations with my family and friends.  It wasn't that I wasn't good enough, it was just that we spoke different languages. I began to try to figure out my family and friends...because I understand how not receiving messages in the language that is strongest makes me feel.  As I tried to figure it out...I realized that so many people have been communicating that they care about me...but I didn't see it.  Upon reflection, I realized that I have been, in essence, a hypocritical, selfish bitch.  What's that I have recently accused someone of  believing the world revolved around them...  and me being the pot in this situation...apparently has thought that about myself as well.  Why is it sometimes so hard to know ourselves?

Throughout this blog I have been lamenting this feeling that I am not enough...or I am too much... Not really accepting responsibility for it...for placing blame on others.... that is supremely easier isn't it?  But that doesn't make it true.

This revelation makes me rueful.  In the past month alone...
* a friend was kind enough to wake up early, drive her car to do something with me because I wanted to and didn't want to do it alone--how did I repay her?  When she really wanted to take some silly pictures...I refused...and made a joke about it.  Which inadvertently hurt her feelings!  Yep--what a bitch--it was all about me, me, me!  
*My mother passed on a compliment that my father had said...and I dismissed it, because I couldn't believe it.  I even made some comment about it and all of this after my father had generously picked up my dog and watched him when he had a lot of stuff to do.  Ungratefulness!  Bitchiness!  No wonder I am not daddy's little girl!
*Because I was so focused on what I needed, I did not show the true appreciation I felt for a friend helping me when I thought I hurt my dog.  He even mentioned it in defense...but did I acknowledge?  Nope!  I prattled on about not getting acknowledgement!  Hypocrisy abounds!

So, as you can imagine...I feel awful.  I truly care about my friends and family and am so grateful that they are there for me....even when I am prickly.  I am making an effort to show each of them how much I care, in the language they speak (if I can figure it out).  I am going to be apologizing and making it up to them in some fashion.  It may not be much....but honestly, I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the support and love of my friends and family....and hopefully these baby steps will help make up for it.  

I said before that no woman is an island....well, watch out.... I am trying to get rid of my crocodiles!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thoughts on selfishness

I don't think of myself as overly selfish...but as someone recently pointed out to me ...I am incredibly selfish.  I am trying to wrap my head around that.  I think there is some truth to that... everyone is at least a little selfish, some are much better at averting it. 

I never thought of myself as a user either...but that was the other comment.  

I used my friends for my own selfish needs.  When you write it sounds awful.  But in reality, that is the definition of friendship.  I need help with something, my friend helps me.  then vice is a mutually beneficial relationship....because if it wasn't one or both would walk away...  it sounds so callous to say it that way...but really it is.  

And yes it is selfish to want my friends to appreciate, reassure, support me in a way that makes me feel cared about.  But, they want the exact same thing from me.  I have to remember to not lose sight of this within myself....and remember that they need it too...  I would love to be the great, noble person who only gives, never needs anything...but, I am not.  

I sat in Bible study the other day, completely rocked by this concept....focusing on the other. Over the past year, I have been completely focused on myself.  2.0 and all of that!  I guess I only do things to the extreme.  When really, this was just a surface dusting.  I have so much farther to go to be truly positive, grateful and giving.  This is the difficult thing of my place in life right now...and I fear I have no idea how to proceed.  How do I show those I care about that I care, and be there for them...without losing myself?  How do I focus on personal growth without missing what is happening right in front of me?  I know in this past week alone, I was so focused on my feelings that I missed an awesome opportunity to truly thank someone for the kindness they paid me, and telling thim how much it meant to me.

I am a black and white person living in the grey area...and I am completely out of my element.  How does one get to be this age of adulthood and not be able to function outside of the extremes?